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How do I open an account with Nest Egg?

Opening an account with Nest Egg is very quick and easy!

Opening an account with Nest Egg takes less than 10 minutes! If you are at your local bank branch, simply ask a customer service representative about Nest Egg and they can direct you to a kiosk where you can complete the account opening process. If you are looking to open an account from the comfort of your home, please visit our homepage and search for your corresponding bank and click "Invest Now" to begin the on-boarding process.

This will prompt you to complete our risk questionnaire. Using the answers you provide, we will determine your risk tolerance and assign you a Nest Egg number. The Nest Egg number and your investment goal will allow us to create a tailored investment plan and portfolio to best prepare you to reach your financial goals. Next, you will be able to view your personalized plan along with any recommendations to enhance your probability of meeting your goals.

Once you are satisfied with your plan, you will be prompted to provide some additional personal information that will be used to open and fund an account for you. The last step required to open an account is to complete the DocuSign process. Once the account is opened, you will be able to track performance by logging into the Nest Egg web portal.

If you have questions at any point you can access a live advisor via the help box at the bottom right of our web page. Our advisors can also be reached at 1-888-345-2163.